Seasonal awareness and your restoration

Your Father says, “I am bringing seasonal awareness to you. Where your vision has been blurred you will find things now coming into sharper focus”. Allow your Father’s light to stream into the room of your life and illuminate the areas that he wants to restore. As your eyes are opened you will begin to […]

Be Bold! It is time to take ground!

Just as in the days of Joshua I am calling you to be bold and courageous. Do not stay in the places of timidity, for I have put a tenacity and determination and warring shout inside of you. I am about to open up the way for you to cross over into new things: you […]

The God of the new beginning

I do not keep a record of your wrongs, says your God. I have not counted your sins and held them against you, as you have supposed. I am the God of the new beginning. I am the God of the fresh start. I am the God who makes all things new. I am the […]

You were made for love

I’m leading you in a dance, precious child: a dance of intimacy, a dance of love. Will you allow me to lead you? Will you trust me to guide your steps? Beauty is being released around you. The beauty of my presence. Trust me, move with me. Allow me to manoeuvre you into position. Remember […]

Let your light shine!

There is a darkness covering the land, yet do not fear, for you are the light! I am drawing you individually to be my children of light and come together as one. You are to be the light which expels darkness: where you are it will not rest or lie. The ones who say ‘yes’ […]

“Take my yoke upon you…”

This is not just an optional extra, but for your own well-being, safety and fulfillment; you must take my yoke, and my yoke only. Refuse to take on false responsibility. Refuse to take on the inappropriate responsibility that is being presented to you now. These will only weigh you down and hinder you. They will […]

A Kingdom culture arising

I heard the Lord say ‘I am returning a spirit of adventure to the land, a waking and shaking is happening’. A loud trumpet was sounded to awaken the people. There are some sons already standing; others are been woken from their sleep. Many of you are coming out of dreams which led to inertia and […]

YOU are part of God’s beautiful tapestry

“I have been weaving you into a beautiful tapestry”, says God. “I have been choosing each colour and weaving it in at just the right time. You have not always understood, neither have you liked the colours and journey in recent times, but I am the God of the entirety and I am the God […]

Spiritual reserves

Are you aware of the spiritual ‘reserves’ that are right under your feet? It is as if there is a heavenly pipeline with a supply chain coming right up to where you are sitting. Your Almighty Father would like you to access and make use of this power – which comes from His Spirit – without […]

Know my love for you today

Know this day that I love you and that my heart delights in you. Do not be discouraged today because of the pressures and the tensions that you face. Continually check your heart’s alignment with my heart and with my will, because a season of great fruitfulness is coming for you and a season of great […]