My invitation to you remains the same: call my name, let me bring you my peace. I don’t want you to worry and fear when you are in the midst of troubles. Seek my help, let me be your deliverer. I will not abandon you or turn my back on you. I am ALWAYS for you, always good.

I ask you to remember my goodness, to remind yourself of how I have brought you through trouble before… and will do again. Glorify me. Do not be like those who get their answered prayer and forget my kindness – tell others of my help and deliverance, give me the glory and share the encouragement.

I am worthy to be praised; not least because you share the blessing as you share the testimony. Release blessing today; remind yourself and then someone else of my faithfulness and goodness to you.

Psalm 50:15
…and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you will honour me.

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