I saw a river of blood flowing, it was your blood. There was debris in it. There are things coursing through you that need to be removed: from wrong focuses, to sickness and from lethargy to depression. There was a need to have it sifted and cleansed. And I heard God say that He will swoop down and bring a purification, even of your blood. Today is a day of healing and restoration. And God reminded me of the song:

There is a fountain filled with blood and it flows from Emmanuel’s veins, He came and He healed me, He came and refreshed me, He came and washed my sins away!” ( from There is a River, by Lindell Cooley)

So let us rejoice in the process today – that, if we allow it, will bring healing and cleansing.

Exodus 15:26b
…for I am the LORD, who heals you.

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