Matthew 9:23-25
When Jesus entered the rulers house and saw the flute players and the noisy crowd, he said “go away, the girl is not dead but asleep”. But they laughed at him. After the crowd had been sent outside, he went in, took the girl by the hand. And she got up.

Jesus was not intimidated by the crowd. His focus was on the truth and what He knew the Father could do.
Similarly, you are to do what the Father is telling you to do. Don’t be distracted by the voices of the world around you. Be careful who you share with. God wants to take you into the place of deep crying out to deep, a place that is just between Him and you; a place of strengthening; a place of quietness and of trust. He is waiting for you to go against the flow of the world and to go with His trust and be a world shaker!

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