Step into your destiny

I am calling you Evangelists awake and to come forth!
I am calling you Prophets to arise and release your voice!
I am calling you Apostles to step out and take the land!

I have set a fire in your heart, a dream of revival, a world where my manifest presence is tangible at all times. I have called you to a destiny and it is time to step into that destiny now.

Agree with me about who you are. Agree with me in what I have called you to. I say, ‘Awake! Step into the fullness of your destiny this day, for I will fulfil my purpose through you’. Your mandate is for today – ‘Take heart – and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:20

2 thoughts on “Step into your destiny”

  1. The new year is indeed the year of the perfect government of God, whereby Apostles, Prophets and Evengelists, as well as more traditionally Pastors and Teachers, take their place on earth as in heaven!

  2. I am so glad that the prophetic word today has confirmed my calling to step into the fullness of my destiny.  I have stepped out not long ago but I was not too sure whether it was the right thing God wanted me to do, or whether I should wait for God's timing.  The prophetic word said that now is the time, so I can make plans that have been on my mind.  The Lord has already answered two of my prayers.  I am very excited about my destiny because I think I know what it is.  Thank you for the confirmation.  You might get to hear about it in the future.

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