Wake up and take your stand with me!

The time has come to wake up and stop slumbering! The time has come to take your position in my Company, to don garments of war, to wage battle with our enemy, says the Lord.

I have made you over-comers. I have made you victorious. I call you my mighty ones, my victorious church! Get up and come into position – agree to stand where I have placed you for this time.

Some of you I am moving into a new position – agree to be moved. Some of you want to move but need to stay where you are at this time. Seek my will for your life at this time – and then stand.

You need to overcome your fear of, ‘what if’ and let me be Lord of your life. Trust me in all things and stand. Do not become overwhelmed with the stress and strain of this world but stand with me. I am holding you up, I have planted you firmly. You will not fall.

Proverbs 12:7
Wicked men are overthrown and are no more but the house of the righteous stands firm. 

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  1. My first reaction was, "You're joking me, Lord?!" This is definitely one of them double edge sword instances and I give you credit – whoever has written it. This morning I woke up saying to myself and to God that I cannot bear going into work anymore: it has always been tough as Insurance is so far removed from Intercession, but now the boss has died it really shows the futility of the whole business to me… Thank you for your en-courage-ment! 

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