The Apple Tree

I see an apple tree; it is full of fruit, but littering the ground below it are the apples that have fallen. I watch as the farmer arrives to bring in the harvest – he carries baskets for the ripened fruit. He begins to pick the apples from the tree and carefully puts each one into […]

Listen for new strategies

I am releasing strategies from Heaven, says God. Strategies to open up the ground beneath your feet; strategies to release my Glory. For you are one of my soldiers and I have called you into position for such a time as this. So listen to my promptings and guidance, as I position you be obedient […]

The Father’s loving gaze is upon you

A mother stands at the side of the cradle, watching lovingly as the little one sleeps. Her husband drapes a blanket over her shoulders and stands behind her holding her tight. The two of them gaze in awe and love at the little one asleep in the cradle. Father God would say to you this […]

You are a servant of the King

The King lives! He is alive, He reigns and He is enthroned on high. Come, you servants of the Lord, come and serve your King. Do not despair at the world around you because King Jesus, the Anointed One still reigns, even in the midst of your troubles and the troubles of the governments and […]

Do not allow Kingdom thinking to be attacked

To God be the glory! All power is His! Our enemy has immediate plans to cause a “stroke” in the church. Be vigilant, prayerful and discerning in these days. A stroke is an attack on the brain caused by lack of bloodflow. The brain is where we do our thinking and the deceiver, whose goal […]

Time for flight – we’re taking the land!

I saw God’s people leaving behind their own mode of transport and clothing and getting into fighter jets and into position on battleships. They had their weapons and all were in uniform. I heard the siren released which means, ‘To your positions!’, and everyone ran to their post. I then heard the Lord say: ‘My […]

You’re Alive!

Whilst you still have breath in your body, know that you are alive! Have you ever had the feeling that you’re ‘marking time’, as if waiting for something else, something more to happen? Is it a ‘call’ that you are waiting on? If so, know that you are called today. The call of the Lord is […]

Affect the season, not the other way round

Yesterday’s word reminded us that, ‘The enemy means to bring in despair and depression when the sun does not shine; yet, I am the light within you‘. Today the Holy Spirit highlights a similar theme, specifically bringing to mind the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, a depression that usually manifests in the winter, when the mornings and […]

Let the light that you carry shine

Darkness, fear and anxiousness are all opposite to the peace that I have called you too. They are the opposite of the power that has been birthed in you. They cannot prevail, even though the daylight hours are shorter. The enemy means to bring in despair and depression when the sun does not shine; yet, […]

For those who feel weak and heavy-laden

Come to me you who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest. (Matthew 1:28) Give your burdens to me and I shall deal with them. To those who have laboured under a spirit of heaviness and of depression, I have a new anointing to release to you. For you, I am about […]