Watch me at work today

Today and everyday Jesus Christ is at work in your life but in the coming hours those who look closely for signs will see the evidence of His handiwork with more clarity than usual. May His Spirit open your eyes, so that you might be encouraged in this special, yet crowded season.

The Lord’s fingerprints are all over your life and daily business. Now, look out for each mark from those prints and rejoice that He is alive, that He cares and that He is impacting your life – the shockwaves reverberate like the patterns of a fingerprint. Enjoy and be blessed by what you see as you look. And may these things encourage and strengthen you to play your part.

Matthew 28:20b
And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

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  1. Re word 4/01 nI read word and asked God to show himself to me today. I was watching the One thing conf from ihop and had chosen the session i wanted to hear it started with worship, it then changed to another speaker who was talking about encountering God. It was great and feel it was what i had been searching for but did not know, he then referred to proverbs 2, and i realised when i opened my bible yesterday it went to that page and i read it so thankyou for the word, God wants fellowship with us.

  2. Well, I don't know if this counts, and so far I can't tell what it means if it means anything indeed… I read today's post when I got back from work this afternoon and here I am, a few hours later (or in the coming hours as you described them), and the shockwaves are reverberating like the patterns of a fingerprint… The electric doorbell of the empty property next door has been ringing non stop for the last hour! The wild weather probably contributed in that the rain must have entered the box, but it surely is as if a finger was stuck on that doorbell: the noise is so loud on the outside and I can even hear it from my bedroom so I don't know how I'm going to go to sleep? Next door on the other side doesn't have a spare key or contact number anymore, the police don't have a contact number for the empty property and just said, 'Let's hope the battery runs out soon', the estate agent whose sign is outside are shut and there's only an answerphone, and my friend the electrician is out on an emergency call. Short of going out with a hammer I don't know what to do… But what does it mean?!?!?! 

    1. Sounds painful! My sympathies.  nHave you laid hands on the doorbell and commanded it to stop? The same authority that dictated to the stormy elements to calm is  yours… so an electrical circuit should is also within your Christ-given power to command. Why not give it a go?

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