John 7:37
…Jesus stood and He cried in a loud voice , ‘If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink’.

To you who are lost in the desert I am calling you out. I say to you this day to come forth and move into the land of plenty, into the land I have prepared for you. No longer will you have to wander around in the desert places, in the places where you lack and faint for the need of food and water.

I am your food, I am your water, I am your refuge, I am your land of plenty. Come to me, you who are in the desert place, and drink from my living water. Come to me all of you who are lacking and I will fill you up. I will provide all that you need and desire.

I speak to disappointment and tell it go. Your past does not decide your future with me for I am a gracious and just God and I love you. Nothing comes between you and I when you come to me with your heart open. Come, and I will fill your heart again with my love and life. Come out of the desert and into me.

Where there has been death in circumstances or relationships, I release resurrection life to the parts of you that have also died. I say, ‘LIFE’! Come out of the desert and choose life. Choose to put your trust in me and follow me into the land of plenty.

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