My child, the words I give you today are medicine for your heart. You may not understand what my words mean but receive them in your heart, for I am doing a new thing inside of you:

I am increasing your capacity: to love; to give and receive understanding; to listen and act without fear.

I am restoring the foundations which have been blocked up by the enemy who seeks to limit you from growth.

I am giving you an opportunity to expand and extend into the places I have set you in authority over. These places are where you place your feet – in your home, your work, in your walk and in your rest.

To receive this expansion simply look to me and say, ‘My heart is open’ and I will surely do it! You need not fear the pain of things hidden, for I am disarming the wounds that are present from hurting you again. Let me reach inside and pull out that which hinders or harms you, my precious child. For I desire for you to be completely healed, from even the wounds you cannot even recall right now. I want to give you a pure heart, without any pain, – so open up your heart to me and say ‘yes’ to my Spirit, and I will surely do it.

Proverbs 23:26
My son give me your heart and let your eyes keep to my ways.

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