I hear the Holy Spirit repeat, over and over again, ‘I am aligning, I am aligning, I am aligning.’

He is doing a work of alignment in both the heavens and the earth in this portion of time. As He did in the days before the birth of Jesus Christ, when a star in the heavenlies was moved into position – aligned – God is now moving the planets and the stars of the wider Universe to make them ready for what is being birthed from Heaven.

God says: ‘This is the hour, this is the season, this is the time: an age for a fulfilling of things. I am lining up My plans for the Earth and its peoples’.

At this moment in time God is doing both a ‘macro’ and a ‘micro’ alignment – both in the Universe, and in individual hearts and spirits.If we want to be ones who step into the fullness of this season, then we must be open to being aligned by the Spirit of God, who comes to breathe, prompt and shake each one of us into the place we need to be.

Be open to the Spirit’s leading to move when He prompts you! This may be actually physically moving – house, region, nation, or job. Or it may look more like ‘fine-tuning’ for you, in the heart or spirit. It may be personal healing or restoration that God has His finger on. Whatever the Holy Spirit is highlighting to you, be encouraged to ‘go with it’ – test it, pursue it in prayer and in action, because it is part of His working together of ‘all things’ – you are crucial to His plans!

Romans 8
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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  1. I’ve been feeling something similar. I did my apprenticeship in plumbing and heating and it is very crucial that all pipes and appliances are set and aligned to a certain degree or position so that water for heating, bathing and general use needs to be able to flow freely and in the proper order, what would be the point if you were to turn the hot water tap on and you got cold water or visa versa! And as He is the great architect and things need to be in the correct alignment for certain things to occur in the proper time and order He needs to do a bit of tweaking and adjusting. And looking back over the years since being saved I can see how He has been tweaking and adjusting not only me but more importantly my mind, body and soul. And lately I have been feeling this time/season I am coming into is the fulfillment of these many years of alignment and I do feel more equip to deal with anything that comes my way, whether that be good or bad, building up or taking down, restoring or completely changing. Father I thank you for what you have been doing in my life and even when I didn’t know/understand what you were doing, you did it so gently and with great love. I surrender all to you, come have your way in me. Use me Father for your will, I am here, use me. Amen

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