Come back to the river

My beloved, I am calling you back into my river.

The river of God is not an occasional experience. It is where you are made to dwell. Many of you have sat on the banks of my river like the man born blind who sat by the pool of Bethesda waiting for the stirring of the waters as a seasonal invitation.

Yet I say to you today, ‘Jump in!’ Let me wash you in the river. Let me refresh you in the river. Let my life giving waters flow around you and in you, today and every day.

Psalm 46:4
There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, The holy dwelling places of the Most High.  

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  1. Yet we have been putting ourselves into His river for years and we still don’t see God’s hand move and we still get treated like outcasts, even within the Christian community at large, no restoration for us either Even those who we thought were going to become friends are really no friends at all. Yet all we’ve ever wanted was what the Lord wanted and we’re more trapped and confused than ever. Maybe it just wasn’t really meant to be, who knows? All those so called prophecies which turned into nothing more than hot air, no matter how much you’ve believed them to be true or from the Lord. Never mind, know doubt it has all been my fault, let’s face it I’m the one who’s learnt that she’s cursed, that much has been discovered. One thing I really honestly and truthfully don’t understand is: Why did you want to connect with my husband in the first place, what intentions if any did you have to begin with in connecting with him? All it’s ever really turned out to be is a waste of time, effort and prayers, just like everything else. Don’t worry, you won’t hear from us any more, no point really is there, guess we just got it all so very wrong.

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