The Thief has been caught – your Lion Bites word for today

Choose today to live in the unseen realities of Heaven rather than the worldly situations that surround you.

Picture a family walking into their home and finding that they have been burgled – everything taken and only the structure of the house remaining. Now ‘fast-forward’ to one year down the line: imagine if the family were sitting on the floor of their still-empty house, wearing the same clothes and having not changed their appearance from before! In this vision nothing that was stolen has been found or replaced.
The Spirit of the Lord says, ‘My people! Yes, you have been robbed, but you cannot live in that place forever. I have not created you to be a people of poverty and of lack, for I am not a God of lack.’
The Lord says, ‘As you keep in your relentless pursuit of me – even when it feels like you are running against the wind – I will catch the thief that has robbed you of your most prized possessions.

Many of my people have become weary in their efforts to catch the robber and so now I am saying to you: as you remain peaceful and with your focus fixed on me I will come down and stand with you. I have created you to work with me and for me to work through you.’
‘I want you to spend time with me in the midst of desolation and I will instruct you on what to do next.’
Don’t be like the family in the vision who lived in the robbery and chose not to move on from that moment, ignoring the truth of who their God is and who their God says they are!
Choose today to live in the unseen realities of Heaven rather than the worldly situations that surround you. Fix your eyes, your thoughts and your hearts on what is above and, as you do so, God will work for you – and through you.
Proverbs 6:31
But if he (the thief) be found, he shall restore sevenfold…
Exodus 14:14
You only need to remain calm; The LORD will fight for you.

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