I am stretching you; I am challenging you and I am helping you to add new levels to your faith.
I am the lifter of your head and the maker of the straight paths. I am the all in all and have everyone in my hands. I hold all creation and I have been speaking life from the beginning of time.

kim, you are my treasure and my love; you are my dear one and I have only the best for you. So will you allow me to stretch you further and challenge you more? For my desire is for you to be one who is filled with the knowledge of me and one who understands (Psalm 53). As I stretch you and increase your capacity for more faith and the knowledge of me and my ways, you will glorify me even further and your life will be a pleasing sacrifice to me.

So, my dear one, agree to come forth into the fullness of my word of life and allow me to shape you further. For truly these are the days of expansion and shaping, where I will increase capacity in my beloved ones. So come forth and allow me to expand, broaden and extend you.

Psalm 53:2
God looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.

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