The Lord is bringing a recalibration to your life, a reordering of your priorities and a renewing to your diary this day. He is shaking some things off and shaking something out; He is repairing damage, removing waste and reviving strength, as you willingly come to Him.

You have been hard-pressed in recent days, which has resulted in a feeling of being damaged, broken or bashed. I see the Lord bringing a spiritual toolkit to each of you with tools of love, hope, joy, peace and power. He renews and repairs you, bringing you back to a place of wholeness, wellbeing and strength. The Lord restores your joy and your hope and injects you with power and with peace.
Feel the Lord renew you today, as you meet with Him and encounter Him in a life-giving way!
Job 33:4
For the Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life

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