Jeremiah 32:20
You did miracles and amazing deeds in the land of Egypt which have had lasting effect. By this means you gained both in Israel and among humankind a renown that lasts to this day.
I saw a man standing on a beach, watching the tide come in and out. He had only ever seen small ripples of waves. He had never seen the power of the ocean with his eyes and his faith was limited to his own experience.

He thought that the sea could not generate bigger waves than those he was used to seeing. And so he stood ankle deep in the ocean, not comprehending the power it was capable of and not appreciating the true capability of the water in front of him.

We all know the ocean is capable of much more than small, rippling waves. This man didn’t know any different… but of course that doesn’t change the fact the ocean is capable of much, much more.

I hear the Lord calling out to His church to raise her faith-expectations of Him to that of the testimony of Scripture. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Our God is God of miracles! He is calling His children to “think bigger”, “pray bigger” and “dream bigger” with Him – not limiting Him to the confines of our own experiences but instead remembering His ways, in the light and weight of Scripture.

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