Exodus 15:3
The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is his name.
‘I am raising up my ‘generals of war’ in this hour and this day’, says the Lord. ‘I am breathing life into those of you who are made for front-line leadership and I am aligning others of you into cohorts; legions of fighting men and women. For the time of the battle is now and the time of advancing is now and the move of my Spirit is now’, says the Lord.

‘I am calling you, my son, my daughter, to be one who stands for truth and righteousness – one who breaks the mould and follows my orders with pin-point accuracy and obedience… to the letter.

Who will advance with the wind of my Spirit and who will fight unto the death to see my Kingdom come?
Take up your positions my warriors! Generals lead! Soldiers fight!

The move of my Spirit is progressing now. Come into alignment with this move and follow my Spirit’, says the Lord.

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