Psalm 42:7
Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me
‘I am pouring out my Spirit in these days’, says the Lord.

‘It is time to lay all those things that hinder you at my feet, for the time is short. These are the days of preparation and in these days you must purposefully enter into my presence and soak there, for I am lifting off all that would hinder. In that moment of entering my presence in a deeper way, I am releasing you from the chains and fetters which have held you back! For this is a season of my deep presence and of freedom,’ says God.

Walk in my ways and do not walk in the ways of man and I will bring you into a new level of freedom.

For too long you have walked in shame and in frustration at the things which would hold you back. But I the Lord am coming to release you from them as you seek my presence, enter in and run after me!’

As you enter into the waterfalls of God’s presence all of your old ‘clothing’ melts off, the chains are dissolved and the pain is washed away. I see the Glory of the Lord forming upon you in this waterfall of His presence. It is the place of consecration, power and freedom. The Lord is calling you to enter into His waterfall – the waterfall of His presence.


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