You are blessed – your Lion Bites word for today

Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ When God created the earth and all that is in it (as recorded in the book of Genesis) He pronounced a blessing over the creatures and mankind, enabling […]

Breaking cycles of limitation – your Lion Bites word for today

The Holy Spirit says, ‘I am breaking the cyclical motions that you have found your life to be in: cycles of relational difficulties; cycles of sickness; cycles of lack; cycles of limitation. I am releasing a forward momentum to you. You are not to circle the same ground for all your days but you are […]

The Bouquet – your Lion Bites word for today

‘Well done, good and faithful servant’. Enjoy the commendation of your heavenly Father but there is more, even more, that He has for you. It isn’t just the praise for your works, your acts of service and of faithfulness; this is a love story. So today He presents you with a very large and very […]

Redecorating your heart – your Lion Bites word for today

‘I am redecorating your heart today’, says the Lord. I watched a heart which appeared to have many rooms inside of it and was dull and in monochrome, lacking vibrancy and life. This represents the many years that the owner of this heart has felt weak, low and lacking all things bright and colourful. But […]

⏰ Heaven’s Alarm ⏰ – your Lion Bites word for today

There is a sound like that of an alarm clock ringing out ‘for such a time as this’. Have you heard it? Can you hear it now, in the spirit? If you have, don’t hit the snooze button and roll over back to sleep! And there is a ‘reveille’ trumpet being blown which calls the […]

The Kingship of Jesus – your Lion Bites word for today

Earth’s chaos does not affect my kingship and its disorder does not dethrone me. For I am the Lord your God, who sits high above all things and all things come under my feet. – Jesus Christ is displaying a new level of His kingship to you and your circumstances today. He reminds you that […]

Fulfilment of promises – your Lion Bites word for today

Does my word go unfulfilled? Will it not complete that which I purposed it to do? Oh my precious child, I have spent years speaking over you. I have sung songs of hope and of joy into your heart and I have released decrees of promises and of prophecy into your atmosphere. But know this, […]

A Time to Laugh 😂 – your Lion Bites word for today

‘Today’, says the Holy Spirit, ‘You will be filled afresh with my joy in the midst of your troubles and trials. I am causing your heart to be lifted up again in hopeful expectation’. It’s time to rejoice once more in the triumph of Jesus. Lift your eyes upwards, off your own circumstances and the […]

The Garden – your Lion Bites word for today

Jesus invites you to come and sit with Him for a while. He has a place for you to sit with Him, a peaceful and restful place, full of light and brimming with life; a place where weary souls find rest. It’s like a garden, enclosed by a wooden fence. In the garden is a […]

His power flowing into every area – your Lion Bites word for today

Don’t just wait for the fire of God in your church meeting place and gatherings, expect it everywhere you put your feet and set your hands to work! The Lord is waiting for you to put your hands up to receive an impartation of His flowing fire. And the Holy Spirit says, ‘Now I want […]