Heavenly Alignment – your Lion Bites word for today

Be encouraged for the Lord says to you, ‘I have called you to arise and obtain your place of joyful inheritance which I have designated beforehand for you. I did not assign you to dwell in a land of uncertainty or to wander in a wilderness of worry and confusion. My beloved, you were fashioned by my hand to have the ability to see and know my plans for you – and see that they are good!’

‘I would have you know’, says God, ‘that there is a heavenly compass being set to “true north” in this time and I would have you discern it. I am moving all things – and my people – into my perfect plan at this historic time. So yield to me and allow me to move you and to change your direction into perfect alignment with mine.

Do not fear the uncomfortable shift which calls for you to hoist your sails once again and travel into unchartered waters, because I am in the move, directing you, my brave and courageous people, into the tune and rhythm of my plans and purposes.

So rise up from where you are camped, listen to my voice and be willing to follow my direction. I am forging new connections in your life with other pioneers who have a different spirit, even the spirit of Caleb and Joshua, who saw giants of difficulty and warfare as “food”.’

Today, turn your eyes and direction to the ‘true north’ position as a co- labourer with Christ. Move from your sitting position and begin to walk towards your inheritance in Christ Jesus. There is so much more land for you to occupy and enjoy!

Psalm 16:6
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Yes, I have a good inheritance.

1 thought on “Heavenly Alignment – your Lion Bites word for today”

  1. Lana Vawser wrote the very same day:
    “I saw Jesus standing before them and He spoke “I COMMISSION YOU AS PROPHETS OF HONOUR”. I saw such a deep yieldedness in these ones, such a deep surrender and their eyes were ONLY for Jesus. Not what they could “receive” or the “next biggest impartation, power-packed revelation filled word to release or mantle to be received”, but just totally in love with Him! Hearts totally ablaze and devoted to their first love. A conviction and resolve to the TRUE NORTH at whatever cost – JESUS!!! ”


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