Christian International Scotland is a network serving Scotland and further afield. Through media, writing and international travel it has a worldwide reach. Our apostolic hub in Glasgow city centre hosts the headquarters of two ministries, Glasgow Prophetic Centre and Healing Rooms Scotland and from this base we support, build and equip a wider network of churches, missionaries, charities, Kingdom businesses and projects.

Christian International Scotland is growing like never before and, as we build in some exciting new areas we have a number of opportunities for like-minded trailblazers who will join us in this place of accelerated expansion. Are you a Kingdom pioneer?

We’re currently recruiting in the following areas:

Read on for more details about these opportunities…

We are part of the multi-national Christian International Europe family – led by Dr Sharon Stone – and the Christian International network which consists of thousands of churches, ministers and ministries all over the world. This network was founded decades ago by Bishop Dr Bill Hamon, the ‘father of the prophetic and apostolic movement’.

Our 50-strong team has been pioneering in Glasgow for over eight years and is a company of brilliantly gifted warriors who volunteer to be a part of bringing heaven to earth. Our volunteers (who give anything from a few hours to virtually 24-7 each week) are supported by a staff team and interns. Although we have a few salaried employees, most of our staff are supported by a combination of self-fundraising, other employment, freelance projects and honorarium gifts from the ministry. For everyone who is part of the company, some degree of sacrifice and faith has been involved in their decision to come and work here.

Glasgow Prophetic Centre has always served and supported local churches by ministering to and training their people in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many local and national leaders have been blessed by our ministry and a countless number of church members have been trained, equipped and gained experience in ministry through being part of our teams. Some  work with us for a short time before returning to roles within their own fellowship, others have continued with us for many years, gaining invaluable leadership and ministry experience. Many have gone on to plant new churches, projects, ministries or Kingdom businesses.

If you are a pioneer, a trailblazer, and are interested in being part of a radical company of prophets, we would love to hear from you. Don’t worry about your level of experience in spiritual gifts such as prophecy – we can train you and help you uncover and unlock your gifting. We are much more interested in your great character and your willingness to serve, learn and grow as part of a team – and your desire to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Of course, for some of the roles below we will ask for demonstrable evidence of your specific talent and experience that makes you the right person for the vacancy.

Prophetic Team Members

We are open for applications from any mature, Spirit-filled believer who would like to join one of our prophetic ministry teams. You will be trained, mentored and looked after as you learn how to prophesy with love, accuracy and wisdom. You need to love working as part of a team and be willing to adapt to our culture, language and protocols of prophetic ministry. There is a minimum level of time commitment expected each month (for training and serving on rotas). You also need to be based within easy reach of Glasgow.

We love to welcome new team members who are already active in local churches or ministries – it’s a great place to grow and be resourced… and then replicate yourself in your own community. For example, a number of senior local church leaders have served on our teams of the years.

But others choose to make Glasgow Prophetic Centre their primary place of service and fellowship.

Worshippers and musicians

Everything we do is worship and we place a very high value on our corporate times together… all our meetings, whether church, ministry or admin, begin with a time of worship. If you are a passionate worship leader, musician and/or singer, with a willingness to be lead by the Holy Spirit and heart that yearns to go to deeper – and higher – places, then we would love to hear from you.

Filmmaker/Media Director

We are currently seeking an experienced filmmaker to help take our online media to another level of excellence and reach. If you know all about great lighting techniques, focal depths etc etc and are a dab hand at editing in Final Cut or Premiere Pro then we would love to watch one of your videos and hear from you. We are looking for someone with vision, a great eye for quality and who is passionate to seeing God glorified through amazing online content.

We are also looking for other volunteers/interns who have interests in: design and graphic illustration; audio recording and sound editing/production/mixing; web design and programming.

Business People seeking a Kingdom business community

If you work in business – perhaps you run your own company or are in senior management – and are interested in being part of a Christian business community that is exploring how to be Kingdom pioneers in the marketplace, then Sarah-Jane would love to hear from you. You will need prayer support, prophecy for you and your business and regular times when you can network with other like-minded trailblazers. We want to help.

Administrator / Bookkeeper / Receptionist

We have various openings for one very special person who can do everything… or some very special people who can help us in various administration areas. If you have a gift for administration and would like to give some time to volunteering with one of the nation’s most exciting ministries then please don’t be shy – drop us an email.

We’re also looking to recruit a part-time Bookkeeper who can bring a sense reliability, accuracy and trustworthiness to our weekly financial dealings. If you think you would enjoy praying for our givers whilst you count up their donations, or getting the bank statement to reconcile makes you shout, ‘Hallelujah!’ then you’re definitely someone we would like to meet!


We have an internship programme for UK or international volunteers of all ages who would like to serve the Kingdom of God with a cutting edge prophetic ministry. Send us an email telling us a little about yourself, the passions and gifts that God has given you, your current circumstances and past experience. We’d also love to hear what God has told you about Scotland and why He might want you to serve here.


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