The arrow of the Lord’s deliverance – your Lion Bites word for today

The Lord sees the troubles that surround you and sees you struggling with relationships and issues.

The Lord says “I am bringing my help to you and delivering you in your present situation.”

2 Kings 13:17
And he said, “Open the east window”; and he opened it. Then Elisha said, “Shoot”; and he shot. And he said, “The arrow of the Lord’s deliverance…

He says “As Elisha guided King Joash, the king of Israel, so I am guiding you to prayer and Spirit-led action in your present situation.

I will deliver you from opposition and trouble.”

1 thought on “The arrow of the Lord’s deliverance – your Lion Bites word for today”

  1. I was looking for another past prophecy which seems applicable right now. I found it but also this one. Thank you. I needed this word today -Wand for two of my closest friends. We are seeking deliverance from vicious opposition in family relationships. Spiritual ‘wear and tear’ has been inflicted over many months and the battle just seems to get fiercer and fiercer.
    Thank You Lord for this word which strikes the heart battle and brings us hope.
    We continue to draw closer and closer to You as there is no other Refuge, Rock or Deliverer who can supply our needs today.

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