“I will accomplish this!” –  your Lion Bites word for today

Psalm 25:4
Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths.

Many of you are wrestling with issues of breakthrough at this time that seem delayed and frustrated. Many are facing specific financial issues and tensions related to health, family and work challenges. For many reading this, the question of how to transition into retirement from full time paid work is the issue.

God is saying to you today – ‘I will accomplish this!’

You do not have to wrestle and push and shove. You do not have to ‘make’ this happen, for the Lord is working on your behalf. He is accomplishing His plan for your life as you submit to Him and His ways today. Your wrestle is not with the area of breakthrough as you perceive but rather with God’s ways versus your ways. As you submit to God’s ways the breakthrough comes much more quickly – with a great ease. As you relinquish your personal ‘demands’ of ‘I must have x, y, z before I choose to…..(fill in the blank)….with God’s ways, the Lord will allow the final pressure to come to break you through.

Step back and perceive the ways of the Lord. Submit to His ways over your personal ‘approved’ plan of action and it will go well with you – the breakthrough will be complete as you do.

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