As God starts to teach and lead you to become an expert in your field of work, He also says “ my child I do not wish to make you an expert so that excellence may simply reign, rather I desire to touch and reform the hearts and structures around you. I want to bring you to a place of influence through your hard work so that I may then touch peoples hearts.”

God is saying to you that as you begin to be strengthened in your abilities, He will start to touch the hearts of those around you. As you grow in influence and stature, the Lord will begin to draw people to you that He wishes to transform. The Father is calling you to occupy salvation opportunities and speak words of transformation to those who you work, and you will know they are ‘ripe’ because they will be attracted to your skills and knowledge.

God is making their hearts soft as they trust and open up to you, for His spirit is hovering over their lives and bringing life.

Acts 13:47
‘This what the Lord has commanded us saying “I have made you a light to the Gentiles so that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”’

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