God cares about the big vision for your life. He cares about your wildest dreams and longs to see the desires of your heart fulfilled. But God also cares about the detail. The minute you wake and the minute you sleep; he cares about every second of your day and He has a specific plan for each of them.

The Holy Spirit calls to you, “reschedule your day with me. Reorder the times you rise from your sleep and the times you lay your head down to rest. You have realised that your daily rhythms are unhelpful and now I come to bring solutions not to your future vision but your present realities. I come to reorder, reschedule and reprioritise. Tune your ear to me and allow me to reschedule your day.”

Ask Holy Spirit to ‘assess’ your day and bring solutions to where you are out of alignment with His ways. He cares about every second of your day and has a purpose for each one.

Matthew 10:30
But even the hairs of your head are all numbered.

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