Lift up your head –  your Lion Bites word for today

God is speaking to you today; ‘Lift your head up! Lift your head up.’

You may feel tired, weary, a little disillusioned and almost at the point of giving up but, the Father speaks to you today; ‘Lift up your head and see the salvation of your soul. Look to me – not at the mess around you – look to me. I have never forsaken you before and I’m not about to start now!’

He continues to speak ‘Stop beating yourself up over what you should have done or said, or not done or said. Bring it all to me, leave it at my feet and let me give you the strength and wisdom to deal with it once and for all. Spend time letting me love on you; let me build you up. Then, only do what I tell you to do and only say what I tell you to say. I don’t waste a thing and even this I’ll turn around for my glory and your good. So trust in me!

Psalm 24:9
Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.