This morning, would you examine which situation in your life is causing fear? Ask Him to show you exactly what it is and then say, “Jesus, I won’t be afraid about it for one second longer.” For the Lord says to you, “That just as the disciples were panic stricken and fearful on the Sea of Galilee, so you have been about the situation. But in this moment, I tell you to not be afraid! You know who I am and I am here. Let me invade the situation, let me fill you back up with my peace and joy and watch that situation quickly come to a divine and peaceful end.”

John 6:20-21
But Jesus called out to them, “Don’t be afraid. You know who I am.” They were relieved to take him in, and the moment Jesus stepped into the boat, they were instantly transported to the other side!

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  1. Да вярвам Исус е тук в моята ситуация.Зная че е верен.Боя се че аз го ограничавам

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