The Spirit of the Lord says, “Allow me to alleviate false responsibility and people pleasing today; for I have not called you to make decisions after other people’s pleasure but after my instruction and purpose.”

In these days of radical advance and outpouring, where God is raising up a people who will go wherever He calls them, wild obedience must mark you. When He says go, you must be able to, and when He asks something of you, an unrelenting “yes!” must rise from your insides. Thus, you must break partnership with false responsibility and people pleasing. The Lord of Hosts says to you, “I’m coming with my mighty arm of deliverance to deal with these two spirits and every way that they have limited you. I’m liberating you from their grip and pushing you forward into a place of joyful obedience and willing surrender. I’m helping you become the one who doesn’t just hear the call to “go” but follows the call to “go”.

John 15:14 TPT
You show that you are my intimate friends when you obey all that I command you.

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