My Glory Way – your Lion Bites word for today

I am rushing with a mighty wind to destroy the mindsets of the past and shift the atmospheres around my people. I am bringing an expectation of holiness like a burning fire in their bones. This great move of my Spirit will shake up old and tired ideas; thoughts of my glory will rise up.

I hear those who desire to break free from these old traditions but struggle to see the ties cut. Rejoice today! You are coming into alignment with my ‘glory way’ simply by allowing this rushing wind to overwhelm you into discomfort. All you have to do is tell these old mindsets to go and to break the partnership with any thought processes that don’t align with me and my Spirit. For this move requires an agreed shift; will you move with me today, Lion Bites?

Isaiah 17:7
In that day people will look to their Maker and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.

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  1. & I saw many swords, cutting away old traditions (6 years ago) the have no power nor purpose & they are indeed outdated for this nation. The swords of the Lord will perform his to make way for the new & the sun will shine afterwards like the noonday Sun & in London he Lord is raising up these leaders who will shine as bright as the Noon day Sun & Scotland, Scotland shall be a powerful head & no man stop this move of God’s spirit not even the slickest twists of the devil children’s for God is a Mighty God who sets the seasons & times. He has opened a new phase for these last days in the UK.

    2020 🙂

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