Stir it up! Stir up your hunger for me; stir up your thirst for more of my Spirit upon the earth! This is not a time to be passive or to sit back. Stir it up! Stretch your faith out there beyond what you can see and beyond what you think is even possible!

I am still the God who makes a way where this is no way! Many of you are wondering if all that you’ve been praying for and hoping for is now no longer going to happen; who is telling you to think that? Did I say it? No! Press in. Dig deeper into my Word. Push your heels in and hold on tightly to me and my promises. I am the Promise Keeper! My Word stands true no matter what the world says or looks like.

*Activate this word by standing up and declaring the promises of God over your life. Declare the Scriptures that you’ve held on to, again, out loud. Pray in the Spirit and put worship music on where you are. Do the things that stir up your hunger for Him today.

Isaiah 35:3-6
Strengthen the feeble hands,
steady the knees that give way;
say to those with fearful hearts,
“Be strong, do not fear;
your God will come,
he will come with vengeance;
with divine retribution
he will come to save you.”
Then will the eyes of the blind be opened
and the ears of the deaf unstopped.
Then will the lame leap like a deer,
and the mute tongue shout for joy.
Water will gush forth in the wilderness
and streams in the desert.

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  1. Thank you so much. I was wondering, what could I say to not yet christians.

    There you go.

    Do that
    Say this
    And there eyes will open up

    Thank you

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