Romans 14:17
For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

God is saying today: ‘I am calling you back to me! Turn again! Turn to righteousness! I am calling you to another level of surrender, another level of yieldedness, another level of allowing me to have my way in you and through you. It is time to turn!’

I see a key being turned as God calls us to turn to Him and His righteousness. We must press in for the fullness. We must not be half-hearted for that will only get us partway. As we press in to go lower, submit and yield more daily, turning to God and His righteousness, we will see this full turn manifest as individuals and nations.

I felt some resistance to the turning of this key as we moved toward God and His righteousness – almost like grit in the lock system. In our context, that grit is doubt, unbelief in our giftings and in who we are, believing we are limited and can’t go all the way. We must banish these thoughts and give them to God. We must choose to believe that what God has put in us and how He has designed us individually is enough for the fulfillment of the purpose He has for our lives.

So today, God, we choose to move beyond and push past the self-doubt and say yes to the fullness in you and through you. We choose to turn toward your righteousness fully – wholeheartedly – and yield. We say, ‘Have your way, God, in us and through us completely!’

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