Today, go above and beyond your own logic. Go beyond your own expectancy or depth of knowledge. Instead, submit to my logic and my thinking!

My supernatural thinking will always exceed the natural. Pray, petition or cry out from your spirit to mine for whatever your breakthrough needs. Bring it to me knowing that you have received the supernatural power of God! Receive supernatural thinking, and let it radicalise your mind once and for all.

John 3:6 TPT
For the natural realm can only give birth to things that are natural, but the spiritual realm gives birth to supernatural life!

Job 11:7 NIV
Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?

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  1. I love your teaching ❤️your so balanced with the word and the spirit,🔥
    ( May the fear of the Lord continue to burn in your hearts,


  2. Hello Friends,,

    I came for a prophetic check up about 6 years ago now, which was very beautiful and brilliant, and I have keep some of the prophetic words from you over the years and I have laminated them, and treasured them very much. I dont subscribe, to you now as daily words from you for me were too much to absorb on a regular basis. I prefer to mull over some of your propehtic words for days, and I wanted to get the fullness of that word and live it, rather than skimp to the next day.
    So I would like to join you again but I would only want to receive an e mail once a week, because there is such love and depth in your words you bring that for me one a week is the best way forward for me If this is possible that would be great.
    I was encouraged recently when I met someone and there was something special about him, so I had a word for him, saying he would walk , and such was the holiness and purity on him, he would say nothing but people would fall to there knees in deep repentance and awe of God. Later his friend came to me and said your were the 5 person to say virtually the exact same words to him in the last 3 months. I sense from time to time, His Word coming upon me its rare not weekly or even monthly but when its realeased it very profound. I shy away from conferences and the like now, I desire absolutely no profile what so ever but just want to glory to Jesus, with his grace I have established an Upper Room in Montrose, where in future years although I am past retirement age and have been a believer for 50 years, I seeing that we have to stand back and let Jesus have control, in the coming revival we will be his instruments, and we will stand in awe of what he will do. We will be humble spectators and watch what his awesome glory will do, and try to follow the wind of the Sprit and catch the thermals of His grace, and move into that place of utter dependance on him. Thank you again for all your beautiful prophetic words over the last 7 years or so they have been very deep, profound, and for me to work out each one for me, often would take weeks and months, not just a day.
    Blessings on your ministry and all the team there thank you so much.
    At present I am hidden in the cleft of the rock its 10 years since I spoke last, to a group of young people at a youth conference in Switzerland, the Lord told me to preach, give testimony and then go among the young people, lay hands on those and just give a few prophetic words now more than two sentences. To one I said you are a nation changer he wept for 30 mins with tears, and for the whole weekend the glory was upon him, all the time. His story was awesome. The Lord uses no bodies in His kingdom from time to time, and now I wait hidden away until the next time.

    My peace I give to you,

    MIchael Robinson MRICS

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