My beloved, today you must know that you are chosen. I chose you long ago and I will continue to choose you each and every day. When the sun rises each morning, I choose you. When the sun sets, after the busyness of the day, I still choose you.

Will you choose me?

Will you sit and dwell with me? While away the hours with me?

It is my joy to walk with you and talk with you; to be your confidant, your love, your friend.

There is no where you can go where my love cannot reach you. You are like a seal upon my heart; we are joined as one.

While it may feel like others have passed you by – that you have been forgotten or overlooked in the past – please believe that my gaze never left you. My love for you will never fade and I shall not pass you by. You are my precious inheritance – the one whom I love. 

Activation: Ask Holy Spirit if you are carrying any wounds of rejection or hurt. Release them and ask Holy Spirit for a fresh in-filling of this truth: You are chosen my God!

Ephesians 1:4 (TPT)

And he chose us to be his very own, joining us to himself even before he laid the foundation of the universe!

Song of Songs 2:1 (TPT)

I am truly his rose, the very theme of his song. I’m overshadowed by his love, growing in the valley!

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