The way of the warrior is not always easy. The path the warrior walks can be complicated and narrow. Yet, the reward for our obedience is great!

Our glorious Father would remind you today:

Shake off the dust and arise my precious warriors!

I have fresh assignments for my people but who is available?

This is the time to rise up, to embrace the mantle I have placed upon your shoulders, and to run with precision towards the target I have set before you.

You were made for such a time as this so embrace the posture of a warrior and allow me to raise you up, positioning you strategically.


Declare over yourself today: I am a warrior!

Say this aloud as many times as necessary until you feel it settle in your spirit.

Next, read through Zechariah 10:5-12. Ask Holy Spirit to speak to you through these verses, revealing what he is doing in and through you right now. 

Zechariah 10:5-12 (NLT)

They will be like mighty warriors in battle,

    trampling their enemies in the mud under their feet.

Since the Lord is with them as they fight,

    they will overthrow even the enemy’s horsemen.

“I will strengthen Judah and save Israel;

    I will restore them because of my compassion.

It will be as though I had never rejected them,

    for I am the Lord their God, who will hear their cries.

The people of Israel will become like mighty warriors,

    and their hearts will be made happy as if by wine.

Their children, too, will see it and be glad;

    their hearts will rejoice in the Lord.

When I whistle to them, they will come running,

    for I have redeemed them.

From the few who are left,

    they will grow as numerous as they were before.

Though I have scattered them like seeds among the nations,

    they will still remember me in distant lands.

They and their children will survive

    and return again to Israel.

I will bring them back from Egypt

    and gather them from Assyria.

I will resettle them in Gilead and Lebanon

    until there is no more room for them all.

They will pass safely through the sea of distress,

    for the waves of the sea will be held back,

    and the waters of the Nile will dry up.

The pride of Assyria will be crushed,

    and the rule of Egypt will end.

By my power I will make my people strong,

    and by my authority they will go wherever they wish.

    I, the Lord, have spoken!”

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