Meet our Team

We are a team ministry with a heart to train, equip and replicate. There are over nearly 100 prophets, seers and gifted prophetic ministers in Glasgow Prophetic Centre’s company and they make up our prophetic, prayer, Lion Bites, freedom, miracles, mission, event and healing teams. Here are profiles of those of the company who have a particular areas of responsibility.

Our Leaders

Emma Stark


When Emma founded Glasgow Prophetic Centre in 2009 her aim was simple: ‘listen to God more – and help other people do the same’.

Now she does this on a big scale wherever she goes, as a church leader with an apostolic call, an international speaker of authority and a prophet to nations.

Click here to find out more about Emma, including her travel itinerary, and to enquire about booking her to speak.

David Stark


Amongst David’s multi-various responsibilities are our finances, admin and marketing, which he manages alongside teaching life-changing prophetic truths through the written word.

He has sent out more than 2 million emails since we began so, if you’ve opened even one of them, ‘thank you’!



Sarah-Jane Biggart


Sarah-Jane is remarkably at home in a big business board roam or face-down in worship and intercession. SJ, as she is known by friends, is called to equip and inspire those who are called to business and make disciples in the marketplace as a networker as well as carrying a weighty ‘Seer’ and communications anointing. SJ loves nothing more than seeing ordinary people equipped by an extraordinary God to influence culture and affect change in nations!

Click here to find out more about SJ, including her travel itinerary, and to enquire about booking her to speak.


John Hansford

A passionate preacher and shepherd, Pastor John loves to teach people to live lives that mirror Jesus’. With over 45 years in Church leadership in many nations, John has become internationally respected voice with a wealth of wisdom in leadership, shepherding and preaching. At Glasgow Prophetic Centre, John is helping us explore what it means to truly shepherd and nurture the people of God. We promise you that you will never see him with his Bible shut!

Sam Robertson

Sam is one of our Senior Leaders & Prophetic Ministers, bringing prophetic and apostolic input to the leadership of the organisation and church. Sam is a prophet to nations and communicator and is passionate about raising up a prophetically equipped church to influentially serve all of society. He is gifted to equip, lead, manage, administrate and replicate, looking after our city-wide teenager’s revival nights as well as teaching our church, training our team and travelling nationally as a prophet and communicator. He loves movies, food, laughing until his stomach hurts and reading lots and lots of books. Click here to find out more about Sam, including his travel itinerary, and to enquire about booking him to speak.

Allyson Tyrrel

Allyson is our Finance Manager and Emma’s P.A., making sure that everything runs smoothly. She’s a gifted prophetic voice, she’s incredibly organised and stable. Allyson served Healing Rooms Scotland as their Head of Operations for over a decade, helping to grow the charity from its earliest days to its end. She’s passionate about God and about excellence and carries an ability to ‘make everything work’. If you phone, you’ll probably get Allyson on the other end and you will be blessed.

Nicola McMichael

Nicola is a passionate and excellent prophetic voice and leader with a particular expertise in facilitating growth in the lives of individuals. She’s an award-winning nurse, serving in hospitals, prisons and GP surgeries over the years. As a prophet, you’ll find Nicola alive ministering to people and leading our prophetic teams with courage and sensitivity. Nicola manages our volunteer training programs, personal prophetic check-up ministry and overseas the wellbeing of our teams. She’s incredible to work with and everything she does is marked with integrity and excellence.

Micah Hayden

Micah has been with us for several years now, bringing a great thirst and love for God’s word and a strong teaching anointing. Micah has experienced many adventures with the Lord, from leading a Bible School in Colorado to Missions across the globe. Micah has a huge heart for the nations and how the Lord is awakening the worldwide church to bring His Kingdom, His culture, and His reign upon the earth. When she is not having dance parties with her kids, she is using her passion to pastor for a mature and healthy church; particularly those in ministry and leadership.


Anna McRobert

Anna is our Events Manager and oversees our personal ministry client administration. She loves to organise and manage events, coming alive pulling teams and resources together. Anna loves using creativity to run excellent conferences, schools and leaders events, ensuring the best experience possible for clients and attendees. Anna spent many years as Conferencing & Catering Manager for an international Christian training school in Scotland.

Robin Knox

Robin is our multi-media connoisseur! As a creative and seer, Robin uses these anointings to sustain the mass amount of media and communication we put out to the nations. Everything has a creative flair. Joining our team with wife Tra, he is so excited about the movement that the worldwide church is undergoing, and the apostles and prophets coming together for this next move of God. Next time you see a promo video, get in the comments and say hello!

Tra Knox

Head of design and resources Tra is all about creativity and people! She loves to use innovative ways to connect with people, and is passionate about how God wants to speak His word through design and media. She loves how the Lord is stirring His body for more! Working with her husband Robin breeds a burst of creativity in the office; and a lot of laughter!

Amanda Harper

Amanda is a passionate and talented prophetic worship leader who leads with integrity and boldness. She is so excited about how the global church is moving into deeper and more influential 24/7 worship, and the move that God is doing in the music industry specifically. When she isn’t roaring like a Lion in worship, she is with her three kids and husband have a good bowl of spaghetti.

Katrina Chase

Another missionary in our midst, Katrina is a new addition to the events team alongside working full-time for a mission’s organisation. Katrina believes strongly in ‘Intimacy to Impact’;  that through great intimacy with Jesus the Lord is calling forth His church into their destiny. Katrina has great wisdom as a young emerging prophet and a gifted seer. You’ll usually see Katrina working hard behind the scenes at an event, interpreting dreams or lifting weights at the gym!

Carys Rimmer

Coming from a theatre background, Carys is highly enthusiastic about how the Lord wants to use the creative industries to speak to His Church. She has a great passion for her generation as the youth leader here at GPC; and seeing the younger generations come into alignment with the Word of God and calling on their lives. As an emerging prophet, she is always involved in the various training events here at Glasgow Prophetic Centre with a particular love for intercession and worship leading. She will usually be jumping about at the front of the church; even to a slow song!

Rose Nyoni

Rose is Glasgow Prophetic Centre’s House of Prayer leader; and she is a total prayer warrior! Before coming to join us she was one of the leaders for Glasgow House of Prayer, and she is wildly excited about how the Lord is going to change communities and nations through intercession. Rose’s goal here at GPC is to become a 24/7 house of prayer! She is so passionate about the mission field in the Middle East and young people initiatives that are emerging; as well as good fellowship with those around her to model the friendship of the church!

Shirley Mckendry

bio coming soon

Margaret Jenami

bio coming soon

Megan Turner

Megan is a part of the leadership team ministering through online and platform ministry with the Power TV team and other various trainings like the Global Miracle Clinic. She also is the Global Prophetic Alliance Network Manager overseeing all individual, leader and organisation partnerships. She loves to equip, train and lead people into their full identity through prophecy and training. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading and drinking a hot cup of Yorkshire tea while watching a movie.

Office team

Pauline Devenish

Ministry Recordings, Admin
Before joining GPC, Pauline was massively involved in church and charity; and with us she is no different! Pauline is one of our prayer warriors as much as she is trusted with sending out all ministry recordings to clients. She has a great love for the worldwide church and how the Lord is raising up nations into their destinies. She has the ultimate servant heart!

Matthew Tyrrel

Matthew ensures that Glasgow Prophetic Centre is always spick and span and ready to welcome its guests from around the world!

Jessica Stark

Coming from the highly prophetic Stark household, Jessica has grown to be a great leader and example for her generation. She has a great love for the church family, and hungers to go out into the nations to be part of the evangelism and healing movement the Lord is doing on the earth. Jessica is a creative spirit with great passion for worshipping, sharing the gospel and speaking the word of God. Plus, she can lick her elbow; so, God’s excited about this one.

Olive McMichael

Olive has been around Glasgow Prophetic Centre ever since it’s conception; and continues to be a pillar in our community, with her great heart for all who come to visit or join us. She describes herself as “Father Heart through and through”, operating always from a place of deep love for those who do not yet know Jesus. She is greatly passionate about seeing injustice and dishonour disintegrate in the presence of God; and models that in every interaction she has with someone or even the work she does with us here in the office.