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Know God’s Power – your Lion Bites word for today

The spirit of the Lord says “step into my inner courts, don’t skirt around my glory for there is another level of my power that I wish to expose to you. I am inviting you to come closer and for your eyes to be opened.” God is inviting you into His inner courts today in your [...]


Good News! – part two

"There is more in you than has been fully seen..." Emma sat down with Sam and Sarah-Jane to ask them about the things they were most looking forward to about the new centre.  


Personal Update Part 2 and Good News Part 1

Are you ready for our good news? We have exciting news that will bless every one of you, no matter where you are in the world. Not only that but - praise God! - David is recovering well from his recent serious illness. He and Emma have recorded a short 'thank you' message, for your [...]


Be Clothed in Glory! – enjoy this free video message by Emma Stark

Do you feel like your spiritual walk, your church life or your expectation of miracles has hit a plateau? In this powerful teaching, Emma explains why you may have felt recently that you've had to battle through hard-core training in staying power, resilience, toughness, determination, robustness, endurance and steadfastness. Does that feel like you? God [...]