An unprecedented miracle revolution is under way!

The Global Prophetic Alliance’s Global Miracle Clinics are now online, offering healing and breakthrough ministry via live video conferencing delivered by our trained volunteer teams. Clients book a 15 minute appointment and trust us to war over them in prayer with a powerful, faith-filled and Spirit-led force.

  • we offer our ministry appointments for free
  • primarily offering healing for the sick, injured or unwell
  • Breakthrough for those who need a miracle encounter with Jesus
  • these are not personal prophecy appointments
  • we are unable to offer counselling or ongoing pastoral support. These are 'high-impact' power encounters.

we need you!

Can you help us expand Miracle Clinics into your region?

The global reset in 2020, combined with new advances in technology, has suddenly provided an opportunity for us take our long-standing, highly-respected ‘in-person’ ministry to the world, via online Global Miracle Clinics.

We now need passionate, Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled believers who are ready to do the ‘greater works’ and who we can train to deliver Global Miracle Clinics in their region and timezones.

Are you…

  • Willing to be trained by us in how to be a Global Miracle Clinic volunteer?
  • Ready to gain ministry experience as part of one of our teams, under the direction of one of our Team Leaders?
  • Happy to volunteer at least a few hours (or more!) each month to be part of Global Miracle Clinics?

Do you…

  • Have reliable internet access?
  • Have a webcam and microphone?
  • Want to join the Global Prophetic Alliance, a rapidly growing international network of prophetic people?


Team Member Job Description

How to Apply

To apply to join one of our Global Miracle Clinics, please complete the application form below, including providing details of two referees who can vouch for your character.

Joining the Global Prophetic Alliance

Successful applicants will be invited to join the Global Prophetic Alliance (GPA), our worldwide relational network. This is an important part of your journey to becoming a volunteer minister with us. 

Becoming part of the GPA network means that we can ensure that you are able to minster safely and confidently, knowing that you are under our spiritual covering whilst you volunteer on the teams. It also acts as a formal agreement of spiritual connection between you and us. The GPA is a non-exclusive network, which means you can remain part of any existing network, denomination or church membership whilst being part of our network.

There is no fixed fee to join the GPA but network members are expected to make regular (monthly) donations to support the work of the Alliance (which is a non-profit charity, registered in Scotland). An important part of GPA’s work is to run the training and mentoring programmes that you will benefit from as a Global Miracle Clinic volunteer. Donations should be at a level appropriate to your country and financial circumstances.

Our Expectations

As well as a willingness to come under the authority and direction of GPA staff and leaders whilst you minister on our teams, we also expect a high level of commitment to training (both initial training and ongoing training/mentoring on a regular basis.

A full outline of the commitment required, our expectations, and the skills and qualities we are looking for, is listed in the downloadable Volunteer Role Descripton. Please read this, alongside the Confidentiality Agreement, as you will be required to agree to the contents of both documents as part of your application process.

Ready to Apply?

This form is comprehensive – please allow around 30 minutes to complete it. You can save your progress but please make sure you make a careful note of the unique link (or, even better, have it emailed to you). If you lose the link you will lose your work.