What are You Praying? Part 2: Language

Dear Purple Company Family You are amazing! Filled with the hope of Glory! Filled with light and life of Christ and His resurrection power! God has chosen you to lead the charge of praise and prayer on the earth to break the strongholds and loose the Kingdom of God. To be ones who apprehend the […]

What Are You Praying? Part 1: Authority & Mandate

Dear Purple Company God desires for us to be completely focused and fruitful in our prayer times. I don’t know about you but I want to ‘know that I know’ we have been effective and prayed through all God has asked of us each time we meet!

Prayer and Fast in May

Dear Purple Company We are in days of battle like never before BUT GOD is giving us strategies for the tearing down of strongholds. Hallelujah! We are feeling the press of God in these weeks and days to raise our voices and our prayer corporately and alone in the secret place about the Lordship of […]

On Facebook? Join the new The Purple Company private group

We are trialling a new private Facebook group, another place for connection, discussion and sharing amongst members of The Purple Company. If you are not on Facebook, don’t worry, we will continue to post here too. Click on the link below to join the group. This group is closed and private for The Purple Company […]


Hello Purple ones! I am excited to be launching our exclusive teaching syllabus this week with you. Our aim is to have a new teach each month for you and your teams to work through. For those who might be catching up and newly joined to the network please keep the pace that works for […]


These are the days of God transformation and transposing nations. What is happening in your nation right now is shaping it for generations. It is time to seek the Lord and ask Him for prophetic decrees and declarations to speak out over your people, land and government. We are believing that God will bring radical […]


Dear Purple Company Family What important and strategic days we are living in for the Kingdom of God! God is forming and forging His prayer warriors into an arrowhead which will repeatedly strike the ground in these days to win the battles for ground the enemy longs to take and hold of. As we come […]

Do I know and understand my authority as a Believer?

These are the days of the church becoming who Jesus designed her to be- the ecclesia. ( Matt 16) The governmental, legislative body that rules and reigns with Him. As the ecclesia rises the manifestation of who God intended us to be will be seen on the earth.

How should I pray regarding ‘BREXIT?’

These are the days we need to be on our knees in prayer for the UK as God births our nation into the new. Please join us in prayer at this crucial time. We are in ‘pivotal days’ for Britain and we must grasp this opportunity to do our part as intercessors. I have the […]