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We are gathering and training emerging prophets who will speak into nations and call down the goodness of God.

Are you an ‘Emerging Prophet’?

We believe that God is raising up a company of prophets across the earth who will proclaim the voice of God with boldness, excellence and faith.

If you believe that you have been called into the ‘office’ of a Prophet then we are excited to invite you to apply to join our Emerging Prophets programme.

We are gathering this group so that they might be raised up and annually mentored by Emma Stark and other seasoned prophets from Glasgow Prophetic Centre. If accepted, you will embark on one of the most exciting and significant journeys of your life, as you to receive teaching, activation, relational networking and mentoring over a 12-month period.

Who is this for?

We are looking for:

  • those who are called as prophets (not just the gift of prophecy)…
  • …who have been recognised by those around them as walking in this and need mentoring, teaching and networking to help with the next steps
  • those who desire to be raised up and trained in becoming a voice to the nations
  • You MUST be able to travel to Glasgow at least twice a year. This programme involves IN-PERSON training.
  • You must be part of an existing Christian community and will require Referees to support your application
  • those who have a willingness to submit, learn, grow and mature
  • All ages welcome (18+)
  • Places are limited and subject to a rigorous application and selection process.

Programme Contents

  • Three day intensive, face-to-face training in Glasgow in April 2019
  • Three day intensive, face-to-face training in Glasgow, October 2019
  • Monthly online communication – video messages and training
  • Online homework and activations
  • Membership of private Facebook group
  • Volunteer Ministry opportunities at Glasgow Prophetic Centre events
  • Discounts to online e-schools and live conferences/events

How to Apply

Membership of Emerging Prophets is by online application only. Click the button below to begin your application.

Our application form is deliberately extensive and comprehensive. It requires your authenticity and references. We desire to build effective relationships and so we want to really get know who we are networking with. As well as this, we want to provide a level of spiritual safety by ensuring that everyone who joins is called by God and is stepping out into their call at the right time and supported by their peers and leadership. Please fill out the form as honestly and as fully as possible.


If accepted, the monthly fee to be part of the Emerging Prophets group is 20 (if paid in one annual lump sum amount of £220, with one month free). Or £20 per month if paid in 12 x monthly instalments.

In addition, each of the two 3-Day courses is £149 (includes three meals but does not include accommodation and travel). Payments will be required in advance of each course.

Therefore, the total minimum annual cost of one year in the Emerging Prophets programme is £518.

Apply to join Emerging Prophets