Giving to the Network

  • All GPA associates should submit a yearly administration fee by June 30th each year of membership. This might also be a good time to submit any annual reports (facts, figures, testimonies etc).
  • We also expect that GPA associates will participate in financially supporting the ministry of Global Prophetic Alliance at some level. Please see the note on finances below.
  • The current (as of 2020) annual administration fee across all levels of connection is £50.
  • In addition to this amount, we expect that all our associates will choose to support the ministry of Global Prophetic Alliance through a regular (monthly or annual) donation.
  • We do not ask for a percentage as some denominations or networks but instead leave this up to our members’ discretion. There is no specific amount expected – please pray and determine the contribution that you can make.
Last updated on 14th August 2020
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