I live in California, and my community listens to messages from Glasgow Prophetic Centre pretty regularly. We have been loving the Power Hours, and people keep joking that they’re going to wake up early and watch them live – that would be 4:00 am here!

At 3:41 am I was awoken by a loud ticking noise in my room (kind of like the ticking of a clock…!!), that I absolutely could not discern the source of. It was loud enough to keep me awake, and I figured I ought to keep my word and tune in to the Power Hour! So I did, and was SO blessed by it! I felt like God was speaking straight to me, in so many parts of it. When Emma started off by saying that Mormonism was an example of a wrong discerning of spirits…wow. I was undone by that, and felt like God was answering my questions directly! I have so much to talk to the Lord about from that one line, but it was a beautiful revelation for me! Also the theme of God’s timing has been HUGE in my life for the last couple of months, and everything Sam and Sarah Jane said/prayed about that subject was straight from God’s heart to mine.

So thank you for your faithfulness to speak out what you hear God saying! It is impacting lives across the world, and I am so glad that God woke me up to experience that this morning!

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