We have been renting for 8 years a first floor two bedroom flat in need of repairs and moderation with the front door difficult to open at times, no doorbell works so miss delivered post, kitchen and living room facing the back of the property and windows that were jammed so summer was very hot, bedrooms to the front, again windows jammed so could not open and a small back garden we could not use safely.

I attended an appointment with Glasgow Miracle Clinic where I was greatly encouraged in believing God for the miracles I sought, one was we needed our own home.

Two weeks later my husband received two emails from a housing association saying they had not had communication with us for some time and we were being shortlisted for a property we bid on last year. We have actually been bidding since the year 2012.

Within two weeks of that initial email, with multiple back and forth, we viewed and signed for the bungalow on Thursday 1 April 2021. The speed of answered prayers is incredible. We were told by the association that it would take between 1 to 2 months to get things moving but God did it in 2 ½ weeks. Jesus had been working things out on our behalf!

He has provided for us an affordable two bedroom bungalow with a large garden, kitchen facing the garden and a living room facing the front of the property. We thank the Lord for this breakthrough, then heard so deep in our spirits, it is a step up for us to soon move to purchase our own home, we would be using this time at the affordable bungalow to save enough for our deposit. We no longer lack courage to make a good and brave decision. Hallelujah!

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