I had suffered for years with a debilitating skin rash, often becoming itchy at night and eventually also painful. I found it to be awkward and embarrassing. I had not slept properly for years often waking several times in the night. I had been to the doctor twice and nothing I had been given had worked for long.  I found it difficult at times to control my fears and a sense of hopelessness when I thought of the future. I believe God heals and felt convinced God wanted to heal me. In desperation, I booked an appointment with the Miracle Clinic and felt sure even before the appointment that this time I would be completely healed. I found the whole experience of the appointment amazing. The two who prayed for me were so loving and caring. Their prayers were truly profound. I have been completely healed. I really appreciated too their discernment and prophetic words about the situation and what will yet be. May your ministry grow and continue to be a blessing!

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