On Episode 60 of Power Hour, Sam and Nate went into healing prayers at the end, and I listened intently and declared “I AM A MIRACLE WORKER!”.

As soon as they started praying, I was locked in and was COMPLETELY HEALED of a shoulder injury and my entire back skeletal frame I would say. The pain disappeared during the prayer and all the tormenting aches, pains, and numbness was GONE IN AN INSTANT in the name of Jesus!

Sam also prayed healing for eczema and psoriasis on the face and neck area, and I have been battling this for years! I absolutely received my healing and I have been joyfully praising God all weekend long for his loving-kindness in healing me. I’m loving my pain free sleep and pain free body.

Amen to Sam praying healing of the digestive tracks and stomach, because I had suffered a lot too with intolerances and leaky gut much of my adult life and am again healed! Glory to God in the highest, and I bless you all in the name of Jesus for the wonderful ministry of power hour and more.

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