Join the Global Prophetic Alliance as a



Align your church, ministry, or business to a worldwide prophetic movement.

There are corporate blessings to be accessed when a church, ministry, non-profit or Kingdom business enterprise aligns and associates with prophets!

The Global Prophetic Alliance is building a world-wide relational network of organisations who share a high value for the revealed voice of God.


  • Commissioning into your area of ministry by public laying of hands (impartation/prophecy/welcome)
  • Ongoing communication through GPA appointed liason
  • Alignment with the GPA can sit happily alongside your other existing denominational connections or memberships
  • Support and mentoring where needed
  • Prayer and intercessory cover as requested
  • Accountability through peer relationship and, if GPA is primary place of spiritual association, an apostolic covering
  • A covering for you and your church/ministry/organisation
  • Annual Leaders' Retreat in the Scottish countryside*
  • Priority for ministry appointments - assigned and organised by your liason*
  • Save 20% on tickets, registration fees, online courses and on merchandise!