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Welcome to Kingdom Business @ Christian International Scotland​

Kingdom Business​

Welcome to Kingdom Business @ Christian International Scotland​

You have a call of God on your life! You are a ‘Change Agent’ for God, part of God’s strategy for discipling your nation. We believe that, whether you are a stockbroker, retailer, restauranteur, architect, developer, builder or manufacturer, if you provide goods and services for your community, city or country in any way, you are part of God’s plan to reveal Himself as Provider, Jehovah Jireh. Like Joseph in the Bible, you are part of God’s revelation of His ability to provide all that is needed for your community and society, in abundance. God is honoured when you work with goal of reflecting Him and His Kingdom through your life and work – you reveal God’s qualities through the quality of your work. This is because there’s no such thing as ‘secular’ employment for the Christian believer. As a born-again follower of Christ, everything about us is redeemed for the purposes of the Kingdom of God. It is all spiritual – it’s either a legitimate Kingdom expression, or something we shouldn’t be involved in it at all. As Bill Johnson writes,
Every believer is in full-time ministry but only a few have pulpits in church buildings! The rest have their pulpit in their area of expertise and favour in the world system‘.
In other words, your assignment in your business or workplace is as valuable in the Kingdom as is the call to be a church minister or evangelist. The Bible says that you will be rewarded by God for your faithfulness to what He has given and called you to be and to do! God as called you to business, just as he calls others to church leadership or missions. There is a mantle on you of authority to influence, shape and reform the sphere of work that you occupy and to bring the ways of God’s Kingdom into your place of business. You are sent to bring transformation – not just in individual lives, but also in the place that you a positioned, the communities you affect and the world’s systems that you touch. God is calling for His sons and daughters to arise in their places of work, to be salt and light and to bring restoration to what is broken.

Kingdom Business at Christian International Scotland exists to help you be the very best that you can be as a faithful Kingdom servant in business and the marketplace. We want to help and encourage you to know your call, to understand what God has taught about business, work and money in His Word, to help you dream again – to see and know the vision that God has given you so that you may run with it and others may run with you (Habbakuk 2:2).

The Kingdom Business team have a long and wide range of marketplace experience in areas such as business ownership, coaching, marketing, finance, change-management and HR. We can prophesy the God solutions and strategies that your business needs and even offer bespoke services such as prophetic coaching and consultancy. We run training events and conferences, host prayer lunches and breakfasts and help other Kingdom business and leaders to network together for support and encouragement.

Why not begin with a Business Check-Up?

Most people begin their connection with Kingdom Business by making an appointment for a prophetic ‘Business Check-Up‘. Business Check-Ups are for anyone in business in its various forms, including: business owners – from small-sized companies to large multinationals; freelance business consultants; company directors; directors of charitable organisations; and those involved in the ‘business’ of government.

So, if you think that Kingdom Business could you help you in your marketplace ministry as a ‘change agent’ for God and would like to connect with the team, please apply for an initial Business Check-Up and we’ll take it from there.

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