Prophetic Check-Ups

Are you in need of strengthening and encouragement? Are you desperate for credible prophetic input? Do you need clarity about the time and season you are in or confirmation of God’s call on your life? Are you unsure about your prophetic destiny?

Our experienced teams have been giving prophetic words through our unique Prophetic Check-Ups since 2009. It is our privilege to prophesy over many hundreds of people, from all over the world, every year when they visit our Centre for an appointment.

Prophetic Check-Ups

Prophetic Check-Ups are half-hour appointments where two or three of our trained team will prophesy into your life. These sessions are intended to bring clarity regarding seasons and times, as well as provide strengthening and encouragement (1 Corinthians 14:3).

Prophetic Check-Ups are NOT counseling sessions, are not ‘prayer ministry’ and are not for pastoral advice. These are appointments for prophecy with an experienced and well-trained team of prophetic ministers who are looking forward to ministering to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Your Prophetic Check-Up will be recorded by our team on a dictaphone and sent on to you afterwards by email, where you can download and listen to what has been prophesied again. We do this as part of your appointment with us. We believe in the necessity of weighing and re-listening to a prophetic word – as Paul says, we must test them all.

Anyone should feel free to attend, with no financial obligation. However, we are a non-profit charity and do ask that you would prayerfully consider making a donation to support the work and ministry of Glasgow Prophetic Centre and Christian International Scotland. As a guideline expectation, we suggest a minimum donation of £25.

Face-to-face contact is one of our ministry distinctives in Glasgow. All appointments take place in person, here in Glasgow, Scotland. Therefore, we cannot give words over the phone, by email or via Skype. We are honoured that clients travel from all over the world for an appointment at the Centre. If you cannot travel to our Centre, please do not book an appointment slot.

We encourage married couples to come together for a session. If you are dating or are engaged, you should book individual appointments.

Before you book…


Our appointments are in very high demand and, as a result, you may have to book your appointment well in advance. If you don’t see an available appointment time it is because we are fully booked. Occasionally we are able to release slots due to cancellations so, please do check back here every so often. We open up a new ‘term’ of appointments three or four times a year – around April, June, August and December time.


To allow time for the seeds of prophecy to bear fruit in your life and space for you to partner with your prophetic words in both prayer and action, we allow no more than one Prophetic Check-Up per 36 months. If you try to apply for a Prophetic Check-Up within three years of your last appointment you may be declined. This also allows us to offer Check-Ups to those who may have never received a prophetic word before.

Our system will not allow the same email address to book a Check-Up within 12 months of the last appointment booking.


If you are a full-time Christian leader in a senior position in a church or ministry, we encourage you to apply for a ‘Senior Christian Leader Prophetic Check-Up‘ instead of a Prophetic Check-Up. If you are in a senior business role, please consider a ‘Business Leader Check-Up‘.


You will not be able to request the name of a particular prophetic minister for your appointment but will receive from one of our highly trained teams, led by an experienced prophetic team leader.


Please note that Prophetic Check-Ups are in very high demand. Therefore, if you are unable to keep your confirmed appointment and don’t inform us, any future appointment you try to make for the next 12 months will be declined.


And please remember: these are IN PERSON appointments only. You will need to be able to travel to Glasgow, Scotland. We do NOT prophesy over telephone, email or Skype.

Now book your Prophetic Check-Up appointment: