Let the living waters flow

Open your mouth wide and begin to praise the Lord. Speak out truth, let it flow freely from your mouth, from your throat, from your lungs, from your heart, from out of your inner-man, from your spirit. Declare truth, sing praise, worship, let words known, and unknown, flow. Let them tumble out. Don’t worry if […]

A volcano of intense presence

I saw you, the readers of this word, gathered in a circle around a huge pit. It was like the crater at the summit of an active volcano; the heat and smoke was intense. A low wall with a railing on top went all the way around the edge and was all that separated the […]

Be aligned with my glory

How will you choose to align yourself with my glory? My desire is to pour out my Spirit on all flesh but how will you react when I do so? How will you react when those who had not known me begin to prophesy? How will you react when society’s least desirable are transformed and […]