Child, I esteem you

Child, I esteem you. I honour you. I see your faithfulness to me over time and today I want you to hear my ‘Well Done’. You have walked with grace and tenacity and over you I delight today. I speak over your spirit and I commend you. Isaiah 66:2b These are the ones I look […]

Iron sharpens iron

I see two people, perhaps one of them is you? Truth is being proclaimed by both of them. Both are right, yet the way forward seems impossible. You say, ‘Why have you put this person in my life? I love them but at times I simply can’t stand them! Lord, my God, can you not […]

Keep in Step

Surround yourself with those who are walking according to my Spirit and let the dreams and desires of your heart be watered with encouragement and hope. I am calling you to believe that I will use you for the GREATER works, the seemingly impossible. Do not allow the unbelief of others to dissuade you from […]