My precious jewel

Your loving, heavenly Father speaks to you today, saying, ‘My dear child, you are My precious jewel. You are finer than the finest of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Don’t turn away! Don’t dismiss My words to you today – don’t try to apportion them to someone else, for I speak truth to you! Listen and […]

Come higher today!

Just as a para-glider or hang-glider must take a run and jump off the hillside before the thermals catch the fullness of the flight equipment’s wings, so must we run this morning and ‘catch’ the wind of God’s Spirit. God is giving us a new view – one of perspective and height – to survey […]

The King is Coming

Just as waves lap on the shore, each one moving into the land, the Lord says, ‘I am coming… I am coming… I am coming… Are you ready for my coming? Is your heart open? Is your mind focused on me and my ways? Are you ready to be taken deeper into who I am, […]

Arise, my warrrior bride

Arise, my warrior bride, arise! I call you into a place of intimacy with me. No more fainting, no more weeping – the night is over and the day has just begun. Arise, come forth in all your beauty and let my glory be seen throughout the earth. I have prepared your heart and now […]

Veils of Light

Hanging all around you are veils of light, gold and silver, each catching the reflection of my face. You move this way and that trying to get a better look at my face. Longing is stirring in your heart as you search for me and catch a glimpse of my back as I move further […]

Dance for the King

Beautiful, beautiful is the woman as she dances for the King, dressed in flowing garments of green. Her life is just beginning; her bridegroom is on His way. She finishes her dance and bows low before the King. As she rises she is suddenly clothed in white marriage garments – now her heart begins to […]